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Maximizing your youthful age

Today, I will be writing on what you should do with your youthful age. I hope many people get clarity from this blog and many others are encouraged to continue doing great things for God.

I will love to start this blog by telling a story about myself. Right from university days, I had always wanted more from life. I mean the picture of getting a good job, living comfortably, getting married to a man who is the best thing after chocolate😋 and having children was just too shallow for me. I knew there had to be more but you know what? I had no idea what the MORE was all about. I also had no idea how I was supposed to step into more. 

I am still on the journey to discovering more but I will be sharing a few things I have learnt on the journey by the help of the Holy Spirit. 

Before we proceed, I will like to highlight some things that makes youthful age attractive to the spirit realm: 

  1. It is the age of strength Proverbs 20:29a 
  2. It is the age of teachability Psalms 71:17 
  3. It is the age of seeing visions Joel 2:28 

There are lots more but I will like to capitalise on these 3. A kingdom that wants to prosper needs these 3 things as they are strong tools in the hands of the one who controls the Kingdom. 

Our youths are majorly targeted by the Kingdom of darkness for these 3 reasons. Once the strength is a youth is hijacked by the Kingdom of darkness, He is empowered to do a lot of bad things with his strength. An example is what happened with the hoodlums in the ENDSARS protest. We didn’t see any old man/woman as the case may be in their midst because the strength of the old is limited. The same thing goes for teachability and seeing visions. Once a youth is taught evil things and he imbibes it, He acts on that knowledge. Also, a country that has visionary youths will go far. 

I had to remind us of these things above so we can understand the importance of youthful age.

It is a little sad however that most youths just live life without direction. They are fine as long as they hustle. We call it the “hustling spirit“. We tell ourselves “It is fine even if I just have few minutes of intimacy with God daily. He understands that I have to hustle for my daily bread“. 

For others, they are in a position where I was a few years back. Knowing there was more but not knowing what more means. If you are in this position, I pray that you receive clarity to start the journey to more. 

Some others are in a state of overwhelm, they are full of activities here and there. They have so many roles they have to juggle. They do all these things yet there is no fulfilment whatsoever. Today, receive the wisdom to balance your time. 

Going straight on, what should you be doing in your youthful age? 

There is only one thing to do and that is partnering with God to ensure His agenda is accomplished right here on earth. 

As simple as this answer is, it has a lot of children because even though God’s agenda is one, it has various branches. There are different mountains of influence that God is looking for partners. Mountains such as Arts and Entertainment, Government, Education, Media, Religion, Family, Business/Economy and lots more. So there is a lot of work to be done!

Someone might then ask how do I partner with God? 

You can partner with God in the following ways: 

  1. Raise prayers for clarity of the vision He wants to hand over to you for the now. 
  2. Read wide and far on what others who have gone before you have done in that field. This is what I mean. If God is calling you to raise sexually pure children for Him, you need to know those who have done that before, study them and know your portion in it because you see no vision is just starting out. It is a continuous work. We are only invited to do our own part and release the baton to another. 
  3. Pray! Pray!! Pray!!! I can’t overemphasize this. A lot of things happen in the place of prayer. Business ideas and ideas that will transform the world or the spheres of life you are sent to can be downloaded in the place of fellowship. 
  4. Your finances. You can sow your money into fertile grounds where lives can be transformed for God while you are still trying to get clarity of what God will have you step into. You see that a mission-focused ministry around you needs funds and you are capable of giving something, please give. Your Father’s business (God) cannot be in lack while you have abundance. C’mon!
  5. Volunteer: This is a powerful tool that works. You can maximize your youthful age by volunteering. See ehn, even if you do not seem to know yourself, you will discover yourself in the place of service. Throw yourself into service and grow. 

I will also like to address the issue of overwhelm. I know that there are a lot of amazing men and women handling big things here and can’t seem to carry it all at once. I am here with good news. You don’t even have to carry it yourself as help is available. 

A mentor once said, “If any area of your life is not working, it is because you lack the wisdom needed for that area.” 

To master your time and address overwhelm, you need to do the following: 

  1. Identify what you do with your time. 
  2. Identify the activities that consume your time. 
  3. Prioritize the activities and draw out a priority list. You can prioritize your activities by asking yourself the following questions:
    • How important is this activity?
    • Does doing this make me better or give me fulfilment knowing it makes others better?
    • How urgent is this activity?
  1. Stop procrastinating!!! I just couldn’t get anything done because I always procrastinated. I decided to take the matter to God, and he has been helping. You can also decide to try that out too.
  2. Schedule things. There is time for everything under the heavens, so the scripture says. Scheduling is your best friend. You can actually beat overwhelm when you have your plans for the day drawn out on a paper or itemized on your phone instead of just having it in your head. 

To be more specific, how can you maximize your youthful age? 

  1. Surround yourself with a community of go-getters. A community where everyone is encouraged to become the best versions of themselves. A community where your goals and dreams are challenged.
  2. Take up a coaching class: I was never a preacher of this until I tasted it and my life changed. I will confess to you that coaching opened my eyes to see that I could become more. We have a lot of godly personal transformation coaching company out there. The basis of their teaching is Christ and they are doing an amazing job. Let me give you an inside gist. They will actually not throw Jesus in your face but give you real models and principles that work but if you are a person of the Spirit, you will be able to tell the difference. Don’t tell anyone I told you that oh. 
  3. Read to expand your mind. I can’t stretch this enough. Read! Read!! Read!!!  Read books on finance. Read books on emotional wellness. Read books on personal development. Read books on parenting. Read books on how to be a better wife/husband-in-waiting or just a better wife/husband. Read and expand your horizons. We are in the decade of knowledge, please ride on this. 
  1. Walk closely with the Holy Spirit and let Him teach you how to become like Christ. In the process of becoming like Christ, burdens are handed over to you so you can mature. You begin to do great things as well even in the process of becoming. 

I am a lady who is passionate about encouraging others to step out of mediocrity. I encourage people to leave their comfort zone and step into the stretch street. So I close with this charge…

Dear Youth, you are created for MORE. You were not sent here to just be a WIFE/HUSBAND, MOTHER/FATHER, ENTREPRENEUR or CAREER WOMAN/MAN. You have gifts locked inside of you that the world needs for its transformation. You are not called to complacence. Christ lived an exemplary life of excellence. He did not do a shabby work of being the Saviour of the world. He worked with the Holy Spirit to fulfil God’s agenda. God is calling you into partnership. He wants to leverage on your pain to reach others. You don’t have to worry about how this will happen. Just stay with God and allow Him to take you through your growth plan. Dear EPIC lady/guy, you are created for greater things than these. A lot of women/men have stepped into God’s purpose and are living their lives bringing others to God to also discover and fully explore their potentials in God. You are no different from them. The only thing that differentiates you from them is that they dared to be MORE and sought God for MORE. You can do that too. This generation is waiting for your A-game. We hope you don’t disappoint us by saying no to God’s invitation to live a bigger and higher life. You are a woman/man with lots of potentials. You are called to MORE. Let God introduce you to you. 

Teemag 2020.

I love and celebrate the amazing individual you are growing into. See you at the top.

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Godly Living

Dear Youth,

Sometimes ago, a generation of believers came into existence. This generation loved the Lord and served Him wholeheartedly. They learnt to equate involvement in activities to loving God. They had a true heart and desired to please God even as they slightly titled towards the demands of culture. They accepted majority of the teachings that was handed to them without question. Just before you crucify them, please note that they worked with the information they had at hand and did their best. They went ahead to raise another generation who were inquisitive in nature and would not accept anything until they knew the motive or voice of reasoning behind it.

Consequently, the inquisitiveness of the young generation led them to seek answers. “Why should I refuse to do this? What is in it for me? Can I hear the voice of God or the voice of culture in this doctrine?”. These and many more were the questions that plagued the heart of my generation. A lot of us went in search of answers from different walks of life. We encountered new light as touching various issues. Boom! We felt like superstars and concluded we had found something our parents did not find. Oh! We faulted their ways of serving God and called them old school. We were quick to discard their opinions as touching spiritual matters and concluded too soon that they have failed us by accepting a lot of things without questions. If only we had a deeper understanding of things…

Truth be told, it was not a bad thing to search out the truths. It was actually a great thing to do. It was just that venturing out to seek the truth made some of us wake up the wrong way. They call it woke where I come from. Many did not see the need to uphold the ancient landmarks set by our fathers.

Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.
Proverbs 22:28

Our parents were vocal about their Christian values and forced it on us without explanation. This made many of us to rebel against Church doctrines. Many even left the church because they could not keep up with the rules and regulations. The mannerism employed by a generation in enforcing their belief system and godly values on people led to the rebellion of a younger generation. My generation seems to be the new thing. Yes! We are in vogue! We are so quick to correct the errors of our fathers publicly. We have forgotten so soon that we have a younger generation that looks up to us. We are so quick to behave as we please explaining it away as being in the era of grace.

Never speak harshly to an older man, but appeal to him respectfully as you would to your own father. 
1 Timothy 5:1 (NLT)

What shall we then say to the coming generation (teenagers) who worship us as their heroes? They are not blind to the things we do outside of the church that contradicts the very things we say therein. How do we instill Christ-like values into our teenagers just like our parents did? Our parents might have failed us in some people’s words but some turned out well with the fear of God because they would not just leave us alone right from a tender age.

Today, we see our teenagers as young ones who would not understand our faith even if we try to share it with them. They are little in our eyes whereas they are already building values from the media! We want to be very careful not to repeat our parents’ errors yet we are unconsciously creating another kind of error. When will my generation (the youths) arise and be vocal about the ancient Christian values that emanate from the Scripture and not culture? We rebelled because we saw some Christian values and doctrines wrapped heavily inside culture. We searched out the truth  yet we cannot effectively communicate this new found truth with the younger generation. 

Dear Youth, you have a voice whether you believe it or not. 

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My Natural Hair Journey

Hello Everyone, 

Today, I will be taking you through my natural hair journey, lessons I have learnt and how they apply to all-round growth.

I had never felt beautiful with my natural hair. I had a hard time growing my hair whether relaxed or in its natural state. It was just so difficult to have healthy and long hair. I went to the University believing there was a problem with my hair and that it wasn’t a beautiful sight to behold. I was blessed with a fine hair texture. It means my hair is not thick. Now, imagine the appearance when relaxed. You are laughing at that image, right?

I decided to go natural to see if my hair would be better. You know? Have more volume and grow longer but I was wrong. Totally wrong! It just wasn’t growing. I started using home remedies to grow out my hair. I tried out a lot of things which didn’t seem to work back then. You don’t really want me to go into details of how I used onion juice, pepper, rice water and lots more. I think the only ingredient left to prepare a delicious meal on my head was maggi (a type of seasoning) which I didn’t use.

The growth was just so insignificant. I then proceeded to buying natural hair products…I really did spend money on them. After few months of using these products, I began to see changes. My edges began to show up. I was excited about the growth. Then something happened.

I got so used to the changes and it began to look like the hair was not growing anymore. I mean I wanted to see more results. I was hungry for more. I had to switch my hair products again because I was getting really frustrated with the growth. Let me bring it home. 

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A Voice of Hope

The world was in total chaos some months ago. Everything had to come to a stand still and world leaders took a step back to understand, strategize and respond to a problem they were never equipped to solve. The same happened to a lot of businesses and individuals. The world went on lockdown. A single virus had done the impossible.

But things are different now, it is a new dawn. The world is rising out of its fear and the lockdown is being eased as weeks go by. Life is slowly returning to normal and with the return to normal, a new fear is taking hold of the hearts of many.

For some, it is fear of lack. For others, a fear that their chance at survival post pandemic is close to none. Countless people have lost their sense of direction. They are in a state of confusion, they do not know the next step to take.

The dying moments of the pandemic has also birthed a glaring exposure of social evils, from racism to rape, with many victims boldly stepping out to share their stories and make demands for justice.

These events have produced a world wide movement that has left many perplexed as to why a loving God, if one does exist, will allow such evils to plague the earth.

It’s no surprise that the world doesn’t take God as important. Even those who claim to be Christians no longer remember their first love – God. We have become so absorbed in the recent happenings that we have neglected God. And many more are certain that He exists but are angry with Him for being inactive. They might actually not be wrong for feeling these things, the happenings in the world right now are overwhelming.

In the mind of thousands, there seems to be no hope, no future. Everything looks bleak and we are tempted to give up.

But if we, the people who are named of God, really take a moment to ponder on these things, we would find that, God has raised us up for seasons like these. Dear believer, this is not the time for you to despair, nor is it a time to keep quiet and watch those around you drown in fear.

This is because you have something the world does not have. You have not received the spirit of fear as they have; but one of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. You have the Spirit of God in you and you should be a voice of hope to those around you who do not have this advantage.

You have been delivered from fear and the one who has been delivered should arise as a voice of hope for those still in bondage. The one who has tasted of God’s goodness should remind the doubtful ones of God’s faithfulness. The one whose faith has been encouraged should arise and lend his voice to those whose faith are weak at the moment.

Dear brethren, we were raised for a time like this. You were raised to be a voice of hope to this generation. You need to remind them that God still exists and He is very much interested in the affairs of men.

In a world where there is confusion between the good and the bad, you should use your voice. God took you through the experiences you’ve had so you can inspire and encourage someone with your story. The young ones coming behind us will not hear of God’s mighty power and wondrous dealings if we stay silent.

The world needs to hear your story, the body of Christ needs to hear your voice. You need to arise with the gifts that have been placed inside of you and offer hope.

Now is the time to arise. We must not give in to despair as the world has, we need to raise our voice as did John the Baptist, proclaiming the goodness of the Savior. We have heard the stories of the Heroes of Faith, we need to hear yours. We heard theirs because they used their voices and gifts to lend hope to the hopeless.

Why not arise today and decide to use your voice? Why not be a voice of hope wherever you find yourself? And by this the world would know, that we are the salt of the earth.

Arise and shine for your light has come!

Image Credit: Unsplash.com


I almost dropped out of school

It was the beginning of an end. The start of a new semester, the very first semester of my last year in school. It was just a few nights to resumption when it dawned on me that I didn’t have the money to pay my school fees.  

My parents had tried their best to source for the money during the break to no avail. At first, I had hope that they would somehow get the money, after all, this was not the first time that they’d not have the money to pay my school fees. But as the resumption date drew near, I lost hope. I had cried out to God but he seemed to have forgotten me. All my options seemingly boiled down to one thing: Dropping out of school.

I approached my parents and asked them the situation of things. My dad told me he didn’t have the money and encouraged me to keep trusting God. To say I was livid would be an understatement! “Keep trusting God? When I am supposed to leave for school in two days? How can I do that? How am I to avoid the shame of being an unregistered student when school resumed?” Worried thoughts filled my mind.  

I took a deep breath, looked deep into my parents’ eyes and told them I thought it was time for me to drop out of school. Since they had no money to pay for my education, I  believed that I had to stop schooling at that point. Admitting my situation out loud with that statement pushed a river of tears down my cheeks. I had never been one to fancy learning a trade but was starting to consider that path as my new fate. And I hated it. 

My mum hung her head and silently wept even as my dad gave his best impression of a macho man and tried to encourage our faith. That man has always been one blessed with the gift of faith. He chastised us for being of little faith and asked if we had been paying the previous fees by our own strength. But I was having none of that. 

I wiped my tears and stomped back to my room. I was so angry with God. And with all the rage of a scared girl, I prayed: 

“Father, things haven’t always been like this. I have always had more than enough money to meet my needs. Why is it that I am suffering lack now that  I am more serious with you? Why has everything suddenly gone bad?”  

I cried my heart out that night, but things remained as negatively normal as possible at home. We were all hoping for a miracle. But up to the day I packed my bags and left for school, that miracle did not come. 

To be honest, I actually left for school with a little amount of money and as luck would have it, a friend decided to house me pending the time I’d get a room in the school hostel.  

I told myself that I had come to school to get an idea of what was going on and all. I did not mention a word of the happenings at home to any of my friends and thankfully, none of them noticed. Some of them even discussed the courses to take with me all while I wondered on the inside how I could actually select any course when I was not even sure of my status as a student.  

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The Journey to God’s heart

Hey Lovelies,

Recently, Yours truly decided to start working out. How I started is quite funny actually, but I’d like to keep the tale short.

I woke up one day, went on Instagram and saw a post a friend shared with me. It had something to do with workouts.

Coincidentally, my house mate also decided to choose that day to start a new exercising habit and after a little consideration, I decided to start exercising daily too.

Mind you, part of my goals, for this year, was to become an active gym member before the end of the first quarter. A goal that somehow didn’t materialize into reality.

So, decision made, I sat down to think about the best way to approach exercising. I knew I had an issue with finishing things I start (another story on this later), so I decided to go with something I would be very comfortable with: searching on google playstore to see workout apps.

After a while, I found the perfect app. The reviews were just perfect so I downloaded it and shared it with my housemate, who took one look at it and bought into the idea. She also got me to join her for a run around the estate (ha ha, me? run? Oh well).

My feet were on raw fire that very first (and last, hehe) day of jogging. I had previously planned that I would start every day with a morning jog and end with an evening workout in my room. And I did just that on the first day, which was amazing, but my body had a library of aching stories to tell.

After my workout on the evening of the first day, I told myself the truth; If I really wanted to finish this thing (and I had every plan to do just that) I had to ensure that I didn’t get caught up in too many things at once, lest I lose interest.

Due to my personality (read, my body aches), I knew I would easily back out of the jogging spree as I don’t like to draw attention to myself (and my inability to run for long). So I happily cancelled that out.

The next morning, I told my house mate I wasn’t going to be doing the jogging stuff anymore and she accepted my reasons (glory hallelujah!).

Well, I would definitely love to do jogging and running thing some time in the future with my loving husband and this way, the attention can be on the both of us.

That done, I stuck to the home workouts. And geez! It was so much fun and at the same time tedious but I wasn’t willing to give up.

Over the past couple of months, I had come to learn that, If I sincerely put my heart to anything, I could get it done, even if hell itself stood in my way. 

But a few days after I started, I had to stop for natural reasons. My muscles relaxed and the soreness built up from exercising slowly eased off. Five days was too long to go without exercising, and I longed to get right back to it.

As soon as the five, necessary, days were over, I jumped right back into my workout routine and the amazing thing was that my muscles did not ache as much as they used to when I first started.

This doesn’t mean that I magically became the perfect athlete, I still wasn’t getting some of the exercises right and there were instances where I had to take longer breaks than dictated by the workout app, which made each workout a long ordeal, but I ensured I finished every single one, and I promised to try harder, next time, on the poses I could not get right.

This reminds me of a pose that I struggled with for a while, it’s called the child’s pose. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get it right!

But guess what? After a week, I could finally say “Eureka!” Though in my case, I didn’t find a solution to some scientific phenomena, but I did it! I got the child’s pose! (So same same).

And just as I achieved this small feat, a thought dropped into my mind.

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There was light and I knew it not…

Hello Everyone,

Not long ago, I had an experience that I would love to share with you all.

Before now, the light in my kitchen had been faulty and I have been using my phone as an alternative whenever I needed to cook at night.

Needless to say, my phone torch doesn’t provide sufficient light to illuminate the whole of my kitchen so I recently got the light repaired but I am yet to get used to it.

Well this fateful night, I was hungry and I decided to cook beans. I needed light to pick beans in the kitchen so I switched on my phone torch. However, I soon realized that I was picking stones with the beans because my kitchen was not properly illuminated.

And at that point I remembered that the light issue had been resolved and all I needed to have done was flick the light switch on.

Well, I turned on the light and joyfully continued to pick my beans in a well lit environment.

After this happened, something dropped in my heart.

I realized that my experience is similar to that of most Christians today. Many of us celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ, however, we are not utilizing the benefits of the resurrection power to the fullest.

Just as there was light and I knew it not, so also many Christians suffer because they do not know that the resurrection has given them access to all they can ever need.

Christ has made healing, prosperity, wisdom, blessings, breakthroughs and every other good thing available for everyone who confesses him as Lord and Savior and all we need to do, after that, is activate the finished work of the Cross. However, we forget this most of the time and end up looking for alternatives.

Jesus has conquered death on your behalf, why are you still scared? He went into the deepest part of hell and made a public show of demons just to give you victory yet you still tremble before them.

The Scripture says the power that raised Christ from the dead is the same one that lives inside of us. But what have we done with it? Are most of us not ignorant of what Christ has done for us?

Are you not ignorant of the price he has paid on your behalf when you don’t make use of the benefits that that price purchased? Do you know the value of the blank cheque you got when you were adopted into the family of Christ?

Will you continue to be ignorant of what has been done for you or will you seek that knowledge so you might know it?

Jesus promised that when the Holy Spirit comes, He would teach us all things and bring things previously taught to us to our remembrance. So it is okay to forget some of the victories that have been won on your behalf however it is not okay to remain in that ignorance. 

Just before you go ahead to lament on any problem or get so worked up and worried, ask the Holy Spirit if the solution to that problem is part of the resurrection package.

Right before you crumble before that circumstance, be sure that a solution is not part of your package as a Child of God (which is not possible because Christ said it was finished right there on the Cross of Calvary). I believe that, it is time for us to arise as Sons.

While we are yet in the euphoria of the season, be sure to know all that Christ went to the cross to do for you and take full ownership of it. It is yours to possess, stop allowing the devil to cheat you.

If you aren’t aware of the benefits provided by the resurrection, ask the Holy Spirit, read a book, listen to a message, let God guide you but don’t let this season pass by and leave you in dry ignorance. Don’t go through the stress of looking for alternatives that won’t satisfy when all you have to do is to switch on the light.

Make good use of the light now that it has been repaired.

I celebrate you

With love from Teemag.

Image Credit: webstaurantstore.com




There is a reality of God an individual gets based on their walk with God. This reality in turn gives an assurance that God is still very much around. This reality cannot be seized from a man easily. There is a difference between the perceived reality of God that gets handed down and the reality of God one experiences as an individual. God has a profile before each and every Christian. He takes us through baby steps before taking us through giant steps.

However, we forget the revelation of God that took us through baby steps when it is time to take giant steps. We suddenly forget the various things God has brought us through and it is like God is no longer with us. God has a profile and the profile He has before each individual differ. There is a need to keep record of the various hurdles God has made you cross and the various victories He has given you. This record strengthens our faith when challenges arise.

The Israelites knew God as Jehovah. Moses introduced Jehovah, the God of their ancestors to them while they were still in bondage in the land of Egypt. They gladly accepted this profile because they knew the dealings He had with their ancestors. Yes, these people believed but had little doubts not until He brought them out of Egypt. He added feathers to His profile before them. For a while, they could still reckon with God as the one who brought them out of Egypt but the moment they closed God’s profile before them, they misbehaved and became fearful beings. What exactly am I driving at?

There will be seasons in our lives when it will feel like God is no longer there. You will feel forsaken or deserted. You will only get through those moments by going over the profile of God you have. You will be encouraged to stay with the promises of God even when people see you as being crazy for waiting on God.

 In my final year, God honored his promise over my academics. He kept his side of the bargain even when I didn’t fully fulfill mine and now I am encouraged to keep my part of the bargain as I am assured He will always keep His own side. He also showed up as the one who never disappoints and now, I am assured that I will NEVER be put to shame no matter how hard things might get. 

As we move towards the end of the 1st quarter of this year, I challenge you to go down the memory lane and check out the profile of God before you. Has any of His promises fail? Has He said a thing to you before and He never did it? He is not one to say a thing and not do it. When we lose touch with the profile of God before us, we get discouraged and start looking for solutions where there are none. We tend to lose faith. We tend to lose sight of the reality of God we once enjoyed and preached fervently, we then begin to believe the reality of things happening around us.

I beseech you this day brethren, go back and check God’s profile. He has never failed you before and now is not the time for Him to start. He wouldn’t have increased your faith to  this level only for Him to crush it again. He is never late. He will definitely add feathers to His profile before you; not because He has to prove Himself to you (there is no need for Him to do that) but loves you too much to allow you remain as a baby. He wants you to grow into son-ship and learn to trust Him more. His joy is to see you grow and bear fruits.

I want to encourage you to take steps of faith this month. Go ahead and do whatsoever He lays in your heart. You have walked with Him before. You have seen what He can do, trust His profile before you. Please trust Him to come through for you again. However, if He does not have a profile before you, you can borrow His profile with others to build yours. You are not alone, believe His words.


So much to pray for…

Hello Lovelies,

 How was Valentine’s day? Did you spend it as a single, engaged single or a married fellow? I trust you had a nice time because I sure did. A lot of singles were pressurized this day. I hope it didn’t get you. I welcome you to another episode of epistles with Teemag. Please, grab a drink and enjoy the ride.

I will like to paint this picture. You are a young lady who is ripe for a relationship – according to the dictates of society – you are beautiful, industrious, spiritual and lots more. You are so perfect, yet “booless”.

No guy is forthcoming and age is no longer on your side. Or, maybe in your case, guys are coming but their “deep” is not calling unto your “deep”. Maybe you are beginning to think something is wrong with you. You have sought the face of God on this matter but He keeps saying the guy is on the way. Your mates are getting married/engaged yet God is asking you to be patient.

You are beginning to get really frustrated and ready to give any guy a chance. ‘Well, he is a born again Christian, he is just not that “deep”. I will surely bring him up to speed’ were the words you told yourself before you latched onto the next available guy. You are now in the relationship and he is just not what you need. You rush out and start crying ‘God! when?’ My sister, calm down. Singleness is not a disease. It’s not that serious. You will get into a relationship. You will get engaged in fact you will get married. All you need is a little patience.

You need to get busy before he comes around. What is your purpose? What are you passionate about? How much of you do you know? If you have spent over 18 years on the surface on the earth without knowing some basic things about yourself, how do you expect to know yourself, your husband and the home God is calling you to build in a span of 1 to 3 years courtship? You need to first understand your identity in Christ. You need to know what you are called to do. There are lot of things to do instead of throwing a pity party over the fact that you have no one to call yours.

You can start to call things forth as though they were when the issue of identity has been resolved. This post is majorly to the single ladies who have discovered purpose and are yet to be in relationship. Sis, right before you lower your head in tears of sorrow, let me tell you something. Do you know you can form a bond with your husband even before he physically shows up in your world? You can build your bond via prayers.

You don’t need to have your divine partner in your life before you start blessing them. Don’t you get it? You don’t need to actually have a face connected to the sweet name you have made up for them in your head before you lift them up in prayers. You are single and so what? Who says you cannot pray your relationship to the exact way you want when you eventually get into one? I am not asking you to be so lazy that all you do is pray without working on yourself. That is not even acceptable in the Kingdom! But in the place of prayer, you receive the strength and revelation to bring about a genuine change that embodies the nature of God.

 Oh Lord! I hope someone gets the gist of this epistle. You can pray out the characters you want him to manifest when you become one. Relationship in the Kingdom is beyond the whole “I love you tori torun” thing my dear.Why will two Christians be in a relationship and the devil is comfortable with the union? Why is your spouse not pushing you to be better? Why is he/she not helping you to love God more? Why is he/she not driving you to achieve your dreams? There is more to relationship than wearing matching colors, posting pictures on social media, going on vacation and the likes! Relationships in the Kingdom are platforms to showcase God’s greatness and power.

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Silent Seasons

Have you ever been in a place where it seems like everything is against you? Have you been in situations where nothing makes sense? Everything looks bleak! Everything is just there! Have you ever had a moment when you felt so abandoned, alone, ignored and unloved? Have you ever been in a situation where things worsen the harder you pray? It’s okay, you are not alone.  

I have had a fair share of all the situations I described above. There were times I wanted to vanish. Other times, I wanted to be oblivious to happenings around me. Things got worse the harder I tried. At a point, it seems like everything was designed to frustrate me. I wanted everything to just pass! I prayed to God for help but he was just not talking to me. I can’t really remember how it all went but I came out of that phase and learned to call it a silent season.

Silent Seasons are periods of isolation. They are times when nothing seems to be happening in one’s life. They are moments of transitioning. In times like that, nothing makes sense. A good use of this period births something great.  Every great person needs to pass through silent seasons at some point of their life. 

Jesus Christ had to go through a lengthy silent season for the work ahead. We don’t have any significant record of all he did right from age of 12 after he taught in the synagogue till he got baptized. Is it not strange for a man to use 30 years to prepare for a ministry of 3 years? King David had to go back to the wilderness right after he had been anointed as King over Israel. Not just that, he had to continue leading his father’s flock in the wilderness. He also had to lead vagabonds before he could lead the Israelites.   

Nothing was recorded of Samson till he became of age to judge the Israelites. Queen Esther went through her silent season before she became a queen. Ruth was not an exception. She lost her husband and had to move to a new place before she had a breakthrough that launched her into the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Have you forgotten the story of Rahab so soon? She gave birth to Boaz who married Ruth. She must have gone through a lot. Right before her deliverance came, she must have questioned God for giving her such a life.

As Christians, there would be tribulations but we are assured of victory because Christ already overcame the world. When it seems the world is against you, that is the moment to get closer to God and pray harder. When it seems like the harder you pray the tougher things become, choose to meditate on the promises of God for your life. It’s usually darkest before day break, things get tougher before a break through, keep holding into God’s word to you.

Does it seem like friends are leaving and no one seems to stay in your life? Remember that God loves you and he made them leave for a reason. He can choose to bring them back when they become what you need. Are you about to enter into the next big phase of your life or start up a business and there are doubts in your heart? Be calm and remind yourself that you are still on track. Have you been anointed for an assignment and it looks like nothing is happening? Be still and know that He has your back.

What should you do in your silent season?   

  • Feed your mind voraciously! 
  • Feed your Spirit man with the word of God. 
  • Develop skills while you wait. 
  • Pray, pray, and pray some more
  • Don’t be found idle, be busy with something productive.

Daniel understood by books because he sat down with them in his silent seasons. David was not just playing around in the wilderness while tending the flock, he practiced his musical instruments and perfected the use of the sling. How could he have known the instrument in his hand was the very tool that would save His people (a whole nation)? Silent seasons come unannounced. The very skill you pick up in the wilderness will take you to the palace and make you sit before Kings. 

I will like to challenge you today to start seeing your silent seasons differently. Instead of crying out, ‘Lord, why me?!’, ask Him to show you the lessons to pick from them. Just before you give up and start beating yourself up, remember it is just a season (a silent one at that) and can only come and go.

Does it seem like your problems will last forever?  Is it looking like you will never get to the end of the tunnel? Is your silent season taking forever? Don’t panic, it will soon be over.  You will not always be in the wilderness…ask King David. You just need to pick two or more skills from the wilderness to use in the palace. The training period will soon be over, ask Daniel and Esther. 

Silent Seasons will always come and it does not just happen once in a lifetime. It will keep coming right before the birth of great things. What you make of them would determine the size of your harvest in the palace. Embrace your silent seasons and trust God to bring you through. 

Keep holding up! You will be fine and you will come out of this very soon. Keep trusting God. Keep holding on to His promises. He never left and He will never leave you because you are His beloved and delight. I celebrate you.